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Concrete sealing is not something that should be taken lightly. You’ve already sunk your hard-earned money into your concrete overlay or stamped driveway, sidewalk, patio . . . why wouldn’t you want to protect it? If you notice your overlay looking very light in color your due for a clean and seal. If you’re like most people, I bet you haven’t had it sealed in years (& probably since it was installed). Go ahead, pour some water on it – what do you see? If you see your concrete darken-up and absorb water then it’s UNSEALED & open for damage. You’re just asking for trouble! Watch the concrete overlay start to flake off!   

CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD AN EXPENSIVE TEAR-OUT & REPLACEMENT? Sealing concrete, keeping the weather conditions and chemicals from further damaging your concrete.

                Provides excellent water repellency.
                  Protects from harmful UV rays.
                  Provides an easy to clean.

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