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How to install an epoxy floor

Installing a beautiful and durable epoxy floor can be accomplished with the right tools, right process, and a lot of patience! Most people will leave this up to the experts. If you are going to hire someone to install your epoxy floor then you should be aware of the process and potential pitfalls. If you are wanting to learn more about how to install epoxy floors you can read the steps below. Whatever route you choose to follow (professional install or do-it-yourself) this steps will ensure your new epoxy floor is built to last.

Steps to install an epoxy floor:

1) Dress the floor

- Look for cracks, fill floor cracks with specialized concrete floor crack filler. Floor cracks generally cannot be fixed, but you can fill them.

- Cracks in the floor if left untreated depending on the size can significantly detract from the beauty of your new epoxy floor.

2) If inside, then grind the floor

- grinding the floor opens the pores to create a strong chemical bond between the epoxy and floor. If you don't do this then this might lead to your epoxy floor peeling.

This video shows example of grinding a garage floor using a floor grinder.

3) Clean the Floor

Make sure there is no dust left behind from the grinding.

4) Prime Coat

- The purpose of the prime coat is to lay down a mechanical bond that creates a moisture barrier that will prevent moisture from ruining your new floor.

- The prime coat is sometimes referred to as a bond coat. This is because it can be used to bond the decorative finish (or chips) to the floor. (SEE NEXT STEP)

- Some people skip the prime coat, but you should always start with a prime coat!

5) Chip Coat

- If you want to have a decorative finish then you will be adding what is called a chip coat.

- The chip coat MUST be applied immediately after the prime (or bond coat)

- Apply chips as you are rolling the prime coat, a section at a time.

- Depending on the style of finish you want there are different techniques to applying decorative chips

Full Broadcast - The full broadcast gives you 100% chip coating

Partial Broadcast - The partial broadcast will give between 20-80% chip coating

Decorative Tiled - The decorative tiled gives the illusion of tile or brick pavers. This technique requires an extra prime coat after applying tape where you want the tiled lines to show.

6) Drying

- Drying time for the chip coat can be 8 hrs or more depending on conditions .

- Not waiting for the chip coat to dry can cause a BIG mess!

7) Top Coat

- The top coat can be urethane or polyspartic.

- NOTE: Garage coating kits usually DO NOT INCLUDE THE TOP COAT!

In summary, there are many steps to installing an epoxy floor correctly. You want to be sure to properly prepare the surface, allow adequate dry time, and use high quality materials in order to ensure a long lasting and durable finish.

If you are in the Lake Norman area and interested in getting a quote to have your epoxy floor professionally installed then contact me for a FREE quote!

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